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What is Joomla? Simply put, it is a free web-based content management system (or CMS).  It allows you to organise and update your website content using just a web browser - without needing to know any of the technicalities behind the scenes, such as HTML (the language used to create web pages).  Why is it free?
Why would anyone produce software free of charge?
As strange as it may sound to the average business person, open source software is developed by unpaid volunteers. The motivation behind open source development varies, but the usual reason a developer would give of their time freely like this is for the respect and kudos that it brings. Some people do it just as a hobby.
How Can a Joomla Website Help My Business?
The Joomla content management is extremely popular due to its comparitive ease-of-use and enormous flexibility.  Along with this popularity comes a huge community of knowledgable Joomla users, many of whom give of their time and energy freely to help others make the most of Joomla.  The product is under active development, and has consistently managed to keep abreast of improvments in technology to provide one of the most robust, secure, and feature-rich CMSs in existence - and it's free!
If Joomla itself is free, what DO I have to pay for?
Of course, the initial price of a piece of software is not the only consideration when it comes to 'total cost of ownership'.  With Joomla, the only extra thing that must be paid for is website hosting. Having said that, it is possible to arrange free hosting, but such services usually involve invasive adverts on your site, and even if the service is ad-free, the performance is likely to be very poor - which will reflect badly on you. If you are a UK company, there are distinct advantages to hosting your site in the UK. There are other things to take into consideration though.
Can Joomla do what I need for MY Website?
Naturally, as with any piece of software, Joomla has its limitations. However, virtually any website feature can be incorporated into Joomla because Joomla offers a way for developers to integrate new functionality seamlessly with the core system.  Many developers have already released add-ons for Joomla, which are also available under open source licensing.  There are 4 main types of add-ons for Joomla: Templates, Modules, Mambots, and Components.
How do I find out more about Joomla?
A good place to start is our Joomla Centre!  Take a look at our free Joomla Administration Tutorials, and the Joomla Glossary. 
Free Templates
If you like the look of this website, why not download the template? Or if you are feeling adventurous, have a go at making your own.

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UK Hosting
From just £5 per month, and with no setup fees, our hosting packages offer feature-rich Mambo/Joomla!-compatible webspace in the UK.

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Joomla! Tutorial
Take a look at our free tutorial for Joomla! Administrator...

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